ARGOS21 Main Features
• Automatic search for equipment malfunctions
• Generation and management of dedicated alarms 
• Expert models
• Machine Learning (Data-Base)
• Semi-Physical (Knowledge-Base)
• Integration of third-party systems (vibration, turbine, etc.) 
• Crossing of data from different systems 
• Limits of content metals in oil 
• Failure modes 
• Local exploitation (on board) 
• Integration whit external Logistic Tools

ARGOS21 - Enabling Predictive Maintenance

ARGOS21 is an integrated system that allows failure indicators of different natures and technology (operating parameters, fluids, vibrations, thermographs, ultrasonics etc) in the same platform to be analysed, diagnosed and predicted.

Leverage IPMS data

•  Introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics tools that   
    allow the data analysis to model equipment and systems performance     
    and efficiency.
•  A greater capacity for prediction, detection, diagnosis and support to
    decision making.

Increased Operational Availability: prognostic

•  Reducing the time the ship / system / equipment is inoperative
•  Preventing situations involving long downtime (catastrophic failure)
•  Alerting the crews of potentially dangerous situations
•  Avoid performing unnecessary actions
• Reducing downtime dynamically managing the tasks based on an early 
    diagnosis of system status
• Updating operating procedures based on forensic analysis of incidents 
    involving the operation

Optimise life cycle costs

​•  Establishing objective criteria for prioritizing actions
•  Preventing occurrence of catastrophic failures
•  Avoid performing unnecessary actions