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Navantia is a world leader in the design and construction of sophisticated military vessels, control and combat systems and offers support of these vessls and systems though their service life.

The Navantia Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) is an integrated and distributed system that allows the remote control and monitoring of platform systems. Systems are grouped so as to provide:-

  • Propulsion and Steering Plant Control and Monitoring
  • Power Electrical Plant Generation and Distribution Control and Monitoring
  • Auxiliaries Control and Monitoring
  • Damage systems and Ship Damage Control and Monitoring

The Navantia IPMS features commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware and comprises of multi-function HMI control consoles for system operators at various shipboard locations and PLCs used for data acquisition and control. In emergency situations, it provides the
mission-critical functionality of all systems, making its reliability, availability and straight forward operation crucial.

The Navantia IPMS is on or being installed on the Australia LHD, DDG and AOR platforms and are on board more than 60 ships across multiple navies.